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How to get a date with someone from a different country – 5 Tips

I grew up all over the world and I know a lot of happy international couples.  Jammie and I are one of them.  Often people wonder where to start.  How do you get a date with someone from a different country.  Here are four steps:

1)  Go to where the people are – If you want to start dating in-person (as opposed to online), go to where the people are.  If you are interested in dating someone of a certain nationality or culture, go to where you’ll find high concentrations of them – certain parts of town, specific restaurants, cultural centers, cultural fairs, churches, temples, etc.  Mix and mingle.  Don’t just go once.  Become a known entity.  You might even want to volunteer for a service project or sign up for a class so that you get a lot of exposure to the right groups of people.  It is easier to get a date when you are a known, appreciated entity than when you are walking up cold to someone in a coffee shop.

2)  Hop online – Prefer online?  That works too.  But be sure to craft an honest, attractive personal profile on the reputable dating site / social media platform that you use.  Avoid anyone that asks for money and set up a Skype chat as soon as possible to make sure the person is real and that they are interesting to talk to.

3) Do some basic cultural recon – Know the basics about your future date’s culture.  You want to avoid obvious mistakes and rack up any brownie points.

4)  Ask for the date! – If you are a guy, you don’t want to delay forever.  Ask for the date and seal the deal.  If you are a woman, find out what might be culturally appropriate.  You can always find clues that signal that you are available.

5)  Follow up – Once you land your date, follow up. Give it a few days but don’t be lame.  A quick “thank you” call won’t hurt.  It might even set you up for date #2.