About International Dating Tips

Trust me, international dating is great!

Trust me, international dating is great!

Welcome to International Dating Tips is your no-nonsense guide to dating that special someone from a different country.  If you’ve ever wondered how to attract and date someone from a different culture or country, this is your guide.  International Dating Tips will give you practical dating tips on the following:

How to find attractive singles when traveling

How to get a date with someone from a different country

Dos and don’ts for the international date

Meeting family

Navigating Online dating (especially international dating sites)

Beating the language barrier

Top 10 Dating Tips for Traveling Men / Women

This is not your typical international dating website.  There is no sleaze.  I cut to the chase.  This is based on real life experience.  I am originally Swedish and I met dated and married Jammie, an American Filipina from Los Angeles.  We are extremely happy.  In International Dating Tips I will share what works for us and thousands of other happy, international couples around the world.

Bjorn Karlman, Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 24, 2013



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