Which country has the hottest men/women?

Ever wonder which country has the hottest men and women?  Well, the mystery is solved.  And we should take a little tip from the Vatican’s selection for the new pope.  It’s Argentina!! Why?  Well, I thought you’d never ask.  Here’s the list of reasons:

1)  They are a beautiful mix of the best of Europe – Argentine immigrants came from Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden and several other countries.  With time they all mixed.  The beautiful result is the Argentine blend.  Best looking women and men guaranteed.

2)  They take care of themselves – Argentines are big on looking their best.  Want proof?  Look no further than every cafe and pizzeria in Buenos Aires.  Both the women and the men are stunning.

3)  They are infused with Latin energy – There is nothing quite like the Latin spark. Fuse beautiful Argentine features with a spontaneous and sexy Latin spirit and you’ve got perfection itself.

4)  They are the best-kept secret – Argentina is a long way away so a lot of the world doesn’t know how amazingly good looking its citizens are. Hop online or hop on a train to discover what you’ve been missing!!

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